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#1 noblechairs Epic Real Leather

It’s no exaggeration to call the Noblechairs Epic Real Leather the best gaming chair. From the cross-thatched embroidery to the real leather of its namesake, if you’re looking for a no-compromises gaming throne, this is it. Plus, it’s surprisingly quick and easy to set up. And, once the set-up is complete, the Epic Real Leather is a dream to sit on – and you can customize your position however you want. Just do us a favor, and read the instructions while you’re setting it up.

#2 Corsair T2 Road Warrior

Corsair is known for making popular and high-end PC components and gaming peripherals, and now it’s making a mark in PC gaming chairs. This has resulted in one of the best gaming chairs we’ve ever sat in. The Corsair T2 Road Warrior is covered top to bottom in breathable PU leather with neck and lumbar pillows wrapped in microfiber, you’ll be able to game in both comfort and style. And, with its rollerblade-style wheels, you can move it around on any surface without having to worry about scratching up your floor. 

#3 RESPAWN 200

While it may not be the cheapest gaming chair you can find, the RESPAWN 200 is very reasonably priced at $215. The design certainly brings a lot to the table but will likely be a dividing point for some. There’s a lot of plastic—including the base, but we found the build quality to still be better than some more expensive options we’ve tried. Looks aside, what really impressed us with the chair is its comfort. 

This shouldn’t be too surprising since the manufacturer OFM has been creating ergonomic office furniture for quite some time now. What sets the RESPAWN 200 apart from the competition is its reinforced mesh backing. Combined with the leather seat cushion, the chair stayed very comfortable and cool during our extended gaming sessions and offers some killer bang for your buck.

#4 DXRacer Classic Series

For gamers with larger frames finding a chair to accommodate you can be an uphill battle, even in the range of generally larger gaming chairs that are on the market now. Luckily, DXRacer has delivered a genuinely excellent chair that stands on its own merits and also happens to be large and tall enough to suit a broad range of builds. 

It’s firmer than some chairs, particularly right out of the box, but after a day or two of breaking it in it’s one of the most comfortable gaming or office chairs available. And the firmness can actually be a boon, as it adds welcome support and can actually help with your posture and spinal position. Plus it’s incredibly adjustable (though I wish the armrests could be lifted a bit higher), so even if it doesn’t fit you right out of the box, it can be likely be configured to suit your body. And while it might be aimed at larger players, those with more petite frames could certainly curl up comfortably in it and perhaps even snooze away a few hours in its cozy embrace.

#5 Vertagear Racing Series S-Line

The SL5000 immediately starts off winning points by using the patented ‘Slide-in’ design that has made it near effortless to get built and assembled. Despite being just a chair, a large portion of Gaming Chairs are bizarrely difficult to assemble without extra help. Vertagear solved this by making a chair that is easy to assemble solo! Nothing is worse than ordering a chair only to find out you need a PHD in engineering to construct it. 

The SL5000 also is made with fantastic dimensions and materials. The chair itself is covered with high-quality synthetic leather. A current favorite material amongst gaming chair manufacturers. The SL5000 is pretty generous in size meaning larger gamers can use it unlike some of the smaller chairs currently on the market. Tall gamers and particularly heavy gamers will still be able to comfortably use the SL5000.

#6 E-WIN Gaming Chair

An amazingly comfortable E-Win gaming chair is based on ergonomic design while its durable environmental PU leather and integrated high-density foam make it worth buying. With its thick padded seat and padded high backrest, the chair can rock back and forth smoothly without squeaks.

Its stylish looks and availability in different colours make it the most desirable gaming chair. Now you can upgrade your gaming experience with this premium comfortable chair by adjusting every part of the chair according to your need. The chair features adjustable backrest, adjustable armrest, detachable headrest and lumbar support as well as 360-degree swivel round base without any annoying noise.