Best Portable Charger

#1 Anker PowerCore 20100

With the Anker PowerCore, you get what you pay for. It’s not as cheap as some of its competitors, but it’s an ace in every category, making it the best portable charger overall. That means you get speedier charging times (both iPhone 8 Plus and Galaxy S8), a high capacity (charges the Galaxy S8 nearly three times on a single charge) and some of the lowest times for charging a phone (Galaxy S8).

#2 Anker PowerCore 10000

One of the more-compact chargers reviewed here, the PowerCore 10000 packs enough juice to recharge two whole phones, and then some. It may not have charged our phones as fast as its big brother, (the 20100-mAh Anker PowerCore 20100), but the 1000’s lower price makes the slower speed easier to handle. Its combination of portability and mAh capacity makes it the best portable charger that you don’t need a huge pocket or a small bag to carry.

#3 Aukey 10000mAh Power Bank With Power Delivery

The Aukey 10000mAh Power Bank With Power Delivery  features a 10,000mAh battery, a USB-C port with Power Delivery, a USB-A port with Quick Charge 3.0, and a traditional 5V USB-A port. For such a large-capacity battery, it takes just four hours to recharge via USB-C with an 18W charging adapter.

#4 Belkin Pocket Power 5K Power Bank

Belkin’s Pocket Power 5K Power Bank ($29.99) is an inexpensive and durable portable charger. It features a 5,000mAh capacity battery that’s small and light enough to fit in your bag or back pocket, with a single USB-A port with a 5V 2.4-amp output to quickly charge your phone. And the best part: Belkin offers a $2,500 connected equipment warranty should your phone be damaged while charging via the battery pack.

#5 Poweradd Slim 2

Smaller power chargers often seem the most suspicious. How much can you fit into these tiny tubes? Well, the Poweradd Slim 2 is the best portable charger that fits in your palm, because it holds around 33 percent more power than similar-size devices and its charging speeds are just as fast as those of its competitors.

#6 iMuto Portable Charger X6 Pro

The iMuto Portable Charger X6 Pro boasts a massive 30,000mAh capacity for a reasonable price, along with numerous ports and fast charging support. All that power makes it one of the heftier battery packs we’ve seen, at 1.5 pounds.

#7 Mophie Charge Force Powerstation

The Mophie Charge Force Powerstation can wirelessly charge your supported phones and tablets. It costs more than most 10,000mAh batteries, but that’s because of the inclusion of the built-in Qi charging system. If your device is compatible, you don’t need a cable at all.

#8 Jackery Bolt

The Bolt earned its name in our testing, refilling 81 percent of our Galaxy S8 in an hour and 63 percent of our iPhone 8 Plus in the same time. Both are the fastest rates for any charging device we tested, and the Bolt’s numbers for 30 and 15 minutes are also excellent. One note: Its speeds seemed to slow once it got closer to a full charge, as its times for a complete charge were longer than those of a few of its competitors. Also, its integrated Lightning and micro USB charger cords are a nifty perk, saving you from needing to carry your own.