MSI GE75 Raider 9SG scored an impressive 88% on notebookcheck review

MSI are still doing great job on the gaming laptop arena and the their new MSI GE75 Raider 9SG is no exception – getting a fantastic score on 88% on notebookcheck in-depth review

here is their final verdict for this fantastic piece of tech

The Core i9-9880H is what the Core i9-8950HK should have been. The two extra cores give it the firm performance advantage it needs over both the Core i7-8750H and Core i7-9750H. The average i7-8750H is about 36 percent slower before accounting for any performance throttling. The disadvantages are what you would expect from a faster CPU based on the same underlying architecture. Namely, core temperatures and power consumption are higher when the CPU is fully stressed. The i9-9880H stabilizes at 90 C when running Prime95 compared to 73 C on the i7-8750H SKU. Meanwhile, gaming consumes 231 W versus 207 W on last year’s GE73 8SG. Applications that don’t fully utilize all eight cores will see less of a performance gain over the hexa-core Core i7 series.