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#1 Epson EX3260 SVGA 3LCD Projector

The highly portable Epson EX3260 delivers solid data-image quality and very good video quality in a projector that’s a fine fit for offices and schools.

The EX3260’s native SVGA resolution (800 by 600 pixels) is in the 4:3 aspect ratio that’s commonly used in traditional data presentations. This allows for considerably more image height than you’d get with a widescreen projector. (Most widescreen models are geared to entertainment and have 16:9 aspect ratios.)

#2 RIF6 Cube

The RIF6 Cube performs quite well, given its low price point and adorably small build. It provides basic functionality, accessories and quality for a reasonable price.

Though it doesn’t have the best image quality and is missing certain features, it’s a decent projector for light use. 
The biggest downside of the RIF6 Cube is that it doesn’t have a built-in speaker. If you want sound you have to plug the Cube into external speakers. Most other projectors in our comparison have speakers built in so you can watch a video with just the projector. Given its extremely small size, measuring just 2 x 2 x 1.9 inches, it’s understandable that the RIF6 had to give up something to make it so.

Videos and images are displayed in the projector’s native resolution – 854 x 480 pixels – which gives you an aspect ratio of 16:9. Its 1,000:1 contrast ratio and 50-lumen LED bulb mean images may appear somewhat muddy.

The Cube has a microSD slot and an MHL port, and you can manually adjust focus. Battery life is up to 90 minutes, and its aluminum construction is sturdy yet lightweight. The RIF6 Cube also comes with cables, a charger, a remote and a flexible tripod.

#3 Apeman M4

If you want to share photos of your past journeys while on a new adventure – or if you want to play a movie for your kids at the campground – the Apeman M4 is your best bet.

Despite its small size, it has a sturdy build, plenty of features and decent battery life. It’s also the most budget-friendly mini projector in our comparison.

This device can display videos and images at 854 x 480 resolution, and the M4’s 1,000:1 contrast ratio provides decently good colors. However, it only has a brightness of 50 lumens, which is far below verage for the projectors we tested, so the picture won’t be bright, especially not in ambient- or full-light settings. It has an aspect ratio of 16:9, so it can easily play the latest blockbuster without letterboxing. The M4’s throw ratio is 1.19:1, quite short, allowing you to enjoy your media on a 60-inch screen, though it works anywhere from 30 to 100 inches.

The M4 has a unique feature we didn’t find on the other projectors – two speakers instead of just one. Though they’re only 1-watt speakers, they sound clean and full, and they easily fill a room. On its sides, you’ll find the power, volume and focus controls, and all connection ports are at the projector’s rear. The Apeman M4 is small enough to fit in your pocket or bag, making it great for travelers.

#4 Anker Nebula Capsule II

The Nebula Capsule II by Anker is an unusual entertainment projector: It runs the Android TV operating system, and can double as a Bluetooth speaker.

Measuring 5.9 by 3.2 by 3.2 inches (HWD) and weighing 1.8 pounds, the Capsule II is a matte-black cylinder standing on end, resembling a slightly oversize soda can or an Amazon Echo smart speaker. The latter analogy is apt, because the Capsule II packs an 8-watt sound system, which is unusually powerful for a portable projector.

On the top of the chassis is a four-way controller, as well as plus and minus volume-control buttons and a backspace button. On the rear, in the center, you’ll find the power button, as well as a second button that lets you switch between projection and speaker modes.

Along the bottom are four ports. One is an audio jack (meant for headphones or powered external speakers), and another is an HDMI input (for connecting with a computer or other data or video source). Also here is a USB Type-A port, which fits a USB thumb drive, a USB mouse, or a keyboard. The final port is USB Type-C, used strictly for charging the Capsule II’s built-in battery when connected with the included USB Type-C cable and power adapter.


This Full HD home theater projector has advanced SXRD panel technology that is combined with Sony’s Super Resolution processing technology. Such combination results in a detailed image with subtle colours and textures.

Sony VPL-HW45ES has 1800 lumens, high contrast ratio and 6000 hours of lamp life. Although it’s more a home-theater projector it can also show a nice performance in well-lit rooms for business purposes.

It is provided with MotionFlow technology, which guarantees minimal blur, and has the panel’s super-fast response rate. There is also a manual zoom lens with a 1.6x zoom ratio and wide lens shift range to make its installation a more flexible process.

#6 Epson VS250

This is an example of best budget projectors you can find on the market. Epson VS250 costs less than $300. It will be a good choice for everyday PowerPoint presentation of graphics and different kinds of data thanks to its SVGA resolution (800×600).

Epson VS250 has 3200 Lumens of color and white brightness. Besides, it includes 3LCD reflective technology what makes the image much brighter and more accurate. This cheap projector is well-compatible with all up-to-date devices and supports HDMI standard.

#7 Optoma HD143X 

If you Looking for a home theater then the Optoma HD143X won’t disappoint you as it comes with a set of useful features to deliver excellent lifelike video quality. This 1080p projector has a wide color scheme and provides a detailed, sharp image with deep black levels. There is also a high contrast level as well as a combination of Reference Mode and RGB for image accuracy. Besides, there is rather good brightness of 3,000 lumens.

It is designed with a flexible zoom and 1.47 – 1.62 throw ratio for easy installation. This allows you to adjust projector to different conditions and screen sizes. Due to the extended lamp life of 12,000 hours, this projector can last more than 10 years even if used intensively.

Optoma HD143X is a great option not only for watching movies but also gaming as it can be easily connected to the gaming PC or console. By the by, it comes with a special game mode which optimizes all projector settings for gaming. This projector also includes 2 HDMI inputs, audio-out, 3D Sync port, 12V trigger and USB power input.


Another great projector with cinematic effect is ViewSonic PX700HD. It comes with unique Super Color technology which guarantees a wide range of colors. What is more, its brightness level reaches up to 3,500 lumens. ViewSonic PX700HD has Full HD 1080p resolution and a high contrast ratio which means accurate and bright image in absolutely different conditions.

This projector has a user-friendly and intuitive design, so you won’t face any difficulties during its setup or adjustment. Besides, it looks quite stylish thanks to its sleek white body. Note that ViewSonic PX700HD has great connectivity options which include dual HDMI and USB power inputs. It is also compatible with different devices such as media players, mobile devices, gaming consoles, Macs and, of course, PCs.

ViewSonic PX700HD is a long-lasting projector with 15,000-hour lamp life in Super Eco mode. Thanks to its low 16ms input latency this projector delivers fast-by-frame action and as a result is a great option for intense action-packing gaming.