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#1 BENQ EW3270U

If you’re working with a limited budget take a look at the BenQ EW3270U. You still get a 4k resolution on a 32 inch screen; however, this monitor uses a VA panel with a much better contrast ratio. It has an overall good build quality, but the main downside is its ergonomics, as there’s only tilt adjustment available. Viewing angles are decent, its out-of-the-box color accuracy is good, and it supports a wide color gamut. The backlight is flicker-free to help reduce eye strain, and there’s support for FreeSync variable refresh rate if you want to use the monitor for some gaming on the side.

#2 Dell U3818DW UltraSharp 38-inch Curved USB-C Monitor

With a curved 38-inch InfinityEdge screen, this Dell monitor is definitely beautiful. The wide canvas allows you to work with multiple windows at once, perfect for graphic design or other creative fields. However with its sRGB color gamut, it’s equally suitable for charging into battle or fighting off zombies.

#3 LG UltraFine 24MD4KL-B

Fledgling content creators will find a great value in the LG UltraFine 24MD4KL-B, if they’re looking for the best USB-C monitor that won’t break the bank. This 4K display’s high resolution and color accuracy get things done while its USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 is a boon for Apple fans. It’s still pretty pricey, especially for everyday users. However, it’s a pretty good purchase for content creators, especially if you’re used to more expensive models. Though you do have to compromise with a smaller screen size and thicker bezels. If you’re working with a smaller desk space, this is definitely ideal.

#4 MSI Prestige PS341WU

If you’re looking for a monitor that’s a cut above the 4K norm, then you’ve got the MSI Prestige PS341WU. Showing up any impeccable 4K monitor is by no means an easy feat, but this monitor does so with the huge 5K2K native resolution (and 21:9 ultrawide aspect ratio) of its luscious 34-inch IPS screen. It doesn’t come cheap, but it does have a great feature set to make up for that, including a Nano IPS panel with DCI-P3 color gamut, HDR support and comprehensive connectivity. All that packed in a beautiful white aesthetic, and you’ve got yourself one of the best USB-C monitors of 2020.

#5 BenQ PD2720U 27 inch 4K

Graphic designers, photographers, and videographers win big with BenQ’s DesignVue 4K Display. It’s built for you. The variety of display modes are useful, and the incredibly easy way to switch between them, including split-screen, is an absolute pleasure to use.

The screen meets all your high-quality resolution needs. The blacks are deep, the reds are bright, and the whites are so bright you almost need sunglasses. I actually worked in Dark mode for a while, which reduced the brightness a bit, while still keeping the screen clear.

#6 MSI Optix MAG272CQR

Gaming monitors don’t necessarily have to be expensive to be good. Take the MSI Optix MAG272CQR, which delivers excellent features like a 165Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, AMD FreeSync and a curved design. It won’t set you back as much as other gaming monitors out there, making it ideal for gamers with a limited budget. Of course, there are compromises to be made: it’s only got a VA panel and it’s not 4K. However, it’s a great (and fast) all-rounder that’s best for not just gaming, but also productivity and creative workloads.

#7 LG 29UM59-A

The best budget monitor for MacBook Pro that we’ve tested so far is the LG 29UM59-A. This is a decent office monitor with plenty of screen real estate to open a few different windows, plus the good viewing angles means you can share your work easily with your co-workers. The colors are accurate out-of-the-box, but this monitor doesn’t support a wide color gamut.

This monitor is good at handling reflections, but its peak brightness is just alright, so if you work in a bright office, it might be hard to read the screen properly. The contrast is mediocre and the black uniformity is terrible, so this monitor shouldn’t be used for watching dark content in dark rooms. However, it has great gray uniformity which is helpful for content with large uniform areas, like writing in a Word document.

Overall, this is a decent budget monitor for the MacBook Pro, but should only be used in well-lit rooms.