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#1 SoundMAGIC E10 Noise Isolating

This is the #1 choice for cheap earbuds because of its quality build, comfort wear and great sound quality.

The SoundMAGIC E10 is the best-selling budget earbuds currently on the market.

Sure, we all have our preferences in sound tones, bass levels, design, and brands, but the significant majority of reviewers and experts can’t all be wrong.

Sound quality is the real strength of these earphones.

These earbuds are one of the most affordable and best-sounding earbuds you will ever find.

Don’t expect emphasized deep bass, as these really focus on balanced sound.

The bass tones are clear and loud, but not as throbbing as some people would like. (bass-heads)

These IEMs can be used to listen to any type of music, but they are best for those genres that have a clean, balanced sound.

#2 Anker Soundbuds – Curve

If you’re looking for great headphones but don’t want to spend much, then consider the Anker SoundBuds Curve. They offer great value and a great performance-to price ratio. They’re wireless in-ears with a flexible ear-hook design that’s stable enough to wear while jogging. They come with multiple earbud-like tip options to help you find a great fit, and are more comfortable than most in-ear headphones we’ve tested.

These headphones are able to last for 13 hours on a single charge and can be used all day. These headphones are great for athletes and fans of bass-heavy music, as well as those who enjoy listening to music while they train. The case comes with a clip that can be attached to your backpack or gym bag.

Although these headphones have a stable fit that’s great for athletes, they don’t feel the most durable since they have thin cables and aren’t rated as being waterproof. The Anker SoundCore SpiritX is a slightly more expensive option if you are concerned about sweat resistance. The Anker Soundbuds Curve is a great value for money.

#3 Betron Earphones (YSM 1000)

The Betron YSM1000 earphones arrive in a package ready to play your favorite music. They provided a richer listening experience than other low-cost earphones. The earphones have a punchy bass and a noticeable midrange. The quality construction of these earphones, which includes metal buds with no-tangle cable design, is what I consider the main draw. The buds fit comfortably, which allows for long listening sessions without having to break a sweat. I was disappointed that the buds did not have an inline mic or control button. I could not make calls or skip tracks without removing the headphones. 


Their interesting cable is the first thing you will notice. It looks like fabric, and it’s detachable, so you can always replace it.

They are lightweight and comfortable, and can last a long period of time because they are made from metal.

Also included are a pair of memory foam tips that provide stability and noise isolation.

The sound is fairly balanced. The sound is balanced by the double dynamic drivers, which produce a consistent bass that blends well with slightly emphasized treble and mids. The bass isn’t overpowering, so this makes them great for critical listening. Overall, the audio is much better than you’d expect from 50 bucks. They’re perfect for every music genre.

#5 Symphonized NRG3.0

These are our top picks for cheap earbuds below $30.

Made by a company called Symphonized which is relatively unknown, but has gotten a lot of attention with this IEM (in-ear monitor) model.

These are made from real wood, which makes them stand out in their design.

Earbuds made from wood are also very acoustic. These are the best option if you want to stand out in a vintage design and save money.

Your music will be more intimate and rich in detail than ever. These earbuds with mic excel at mid-range tones.

The wooden structure noticeably adds to the quality of bass and produces a rich and slightly warmer sound.

#6 MEE audio M6B Bluetooth Wireless

These wireless earbuds are a great choice if you’re looking for the best pair at a reasonable price.

The flexible wires and behind-the ear fit offer a comfortable and secure fit. You can run or jump or do any other type of sport.

They can be worn for hours because of their lightweight design. The sweat-resistance makes them suitable for intense workouts.

A microphone and in-line remote control allow you to manage your music and calls. Bluetooth gives you up to 7 hours playback time. You might expect a lot less for the price.

#7 House of Marley Smile Jamaica

Are you looking for a pair of earbuds that are stylish, durable, and affordable? The House of Marley Smile Jamaica is the best choice.

Although they are cheap, their design isn’t. The wooden structure makes them feel premium and lightweight. You can wear them for hours and almost forget you’re wearing earphones.

They also provide excellent noise isolation with an in-line remote control microphone and remote control.

#8 Brainwavz Delta Black

The Brainwavz Delta fits well for most people and the high quality selection of eartips helps with that.

The package includes 4 sets each of silicone ear tips in different sizes. Also included is a set Comply foam s400 tips. You don’t need to buy any other ear tips to get the most out of Delta’s. Comply tips are recommended for the best performance.

Noise isolation is approximately the same as what you can expect from IEMs. For better isolation, get a pair triple flange premium tips.

#9 Panasonic ErgoFit 

You won’t believe the price of these beauties.

It provides the ideal balance between audio quality, built quality, and durability for a small price.

These earbuds are so well-received that Amazon currently ranks them as the number one seller.

This alone tells a lot about the value you’re getting.

These have a great bass sound. The only strength is the bass, which is probably the best for the price. The mid tones are clean and balanced, while highs aren’t particularly good.

Overall you’re still getting superb sound quality for the price that is somewhat balanced and doesn’t have any significant flaws.

#10 Kz ATE Copper Driver’s Ear Hook

Their main advantage is the punchy bass that will make your heart happy. For a low-end price, you’re getting a lot of “thump” per dollar. Foam tips are the best seal because they emphasize lows and eliminate noise from around you.

You can buy a model that includes an in-line mic and remote control that works on both Androids or iPhones. It’s a bit more expensive than 10, but it’s still quite affordable.

It is very easy to use the microphone in calm environments. These headphones are entirely made of plastic. These headphones are still durable than most budget headphones.

These headphones are a favorite of audiophiles. The sound is clear and bass-focused. The bass is strong and punchy, but other ranges sound clear and detailed. They are well-suited for heavy music genres like rap and heavy metal due to their large bass signature. Because of their rich sound, it is also enjoyable to listen to more peaceful music.