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Digital Aquarius Shared Hosting

Our servers are racked and ready for you!Shared hosting simply means that your site will be served from a server with other Digital Aquarius customers. Our Windows 2000 servers are fast and manned 24/7. Support is just a phone call or email away. We offer a variety of options for your web site depending on which plan you choose This gives our customers the ability to create more dynamic web content for their customers.

Our network is connected to the Internet via multiple lines on the Worldcomm Backbone from multiple hubs giving us redundancy. We never overcrowd our servers for maximum uptime. We have great customer service and are ready to help you get your web site up and running.

To the left you will find our Hosting and Internet Access Menu. Please feel free to call our toll free number if you have any questions regarding the options available. We are always glad to help.

Let us show you how great customer service can be!

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